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Corporate Loan DSA

we are one of the biggest Financial Distributor in India having partnered with some of the biggest financial institutions in India. We are one of the Largest Direct Sales Associate of Private banks Nationalised Banks NBFCs. We are looking for Professionals like Loan Consultants, Real Estate Brokers, Chartered Accountants and Insurance Brokers, who can join us and get the best Loan Payouts from us..

Reach : Across India
Network : 70+ Banks and NBFCs
Payout : Highest Payout


Income Tax Returns

We, being a team consisting of Chartered Accountants, are the Experts in filing Income Tax Returns.

Get your Income tax returns filed from the Expert Team with the fees starting with Rs. 299/-


GST Returns

We, being a team consisting of Chartered Accountants, are the Experts in filing Income Tax Returns.

Get your GST Returns filed from the Expert Team with the fees starting with Rs. 499/- per month



Click here to Buy DSC, DSC Franchise, EPASS TOKEN, MTOKEN, PROXKEY & ALADDIN ETOKEN. We are the Controllers of All Major Certifying Authorities issuing Digital Signatures in India



We are providing Estamping services, Notary Services and legal property related documentation services in Ahmedabad City-



We, being the one of the Top Rated Loan Professionals, are the expert in providing MSME Loans with Govt Subsidy. We are providing this facility Currently only in Gujarat



We, being the one of the Top Rated Loan Professionals, are the expert in providing Home Loans and Mortgage at the Best Rate of Interest with minimum Processing Fees. We are the DSA of more than 70+ Banks and NBFCs in our Network. We Bet – No one can provide Best deals of Rate of interest and lowest Bank expenses to you except us.



Tax Consultancy / VAT & Excise Tax

As we know, U.A.E. & G.C.C. countries decided to implement Value Added Tax in order to reduce dependence on revenue from Oil. In particular, U.A.E. introduced VAT with effect from 1 January 2018 and it is responsibility of all the business organisations to make sure that they are compliant with VAT regulations. Excise Tax is effective on certain activities from 1 October 2017.

To help them achieve this objective, we understand our clients business models, business processes, ensure smooth transition from their present systems, account & file periodic VAT returns.

Businesses also need to look into their present IT Infrastructure, Human Resources available, Customers Relations, Suppliers Relations and Legal contracts and upgrade them so that they can embrace VAT Law.


Book Keeping & Accounting Services

At the heart of being compliant with VAT Law is to make sure that accounts are properly maintained. We, at Talreja & Talreja LLC, provide accurate book keeping services & give necessary guidance on VAT Laws. Also we make sure that accounts abide by IFRS (i.e. International Financial Reporting Standards).

Depending upon convenience of client, book keeping services can be done either at client premises or at our place.


Audit & Assurance

In simple terms, audit means verification of entitys books of accounts. We follow International Standards on Auditing (ISA) while conducting audit methodologies & follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for reporting purpose. As per the request of client, we do report as per different Reporting Standards and Auditing Standards.

Different types of Assurance Services:

  • External Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Inventory Audit
  • Revenue Verification
  • Due Diligence
  • Agreed Upon Procedures


Business Incorporation / Onshore & Offshore

Forming a new entity, be it in Main Land, Free Zone or Offshore is a tedious process. Moreover cost and time involved varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. We have hands on experience to make this complicated job simple along with details about cost involved and time frame for forming it.

Famous Offshore jurisdictions:

  • Ajman Offshore
  • Jebel Ali Offshore
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Cyprus
  • Delaware
  • Hon Kong
  • Singapore
  • Seychelles


Payroll Management

Organisations which do not have adequate in house resources, we can support them with payroll processing including calculation of salaries, advance adjustments, bonuses, leave salaries & end of service benefits.


Part time CFO Services

Entities which cannot afford full time Senior Finance Personnel, we can visit them on periodic basis depending upon their requirements thus giving them access to expert knowledge & advice.


Financial Systems Design & Implementation

In this service, we go through clients present system, understand the process, identify the lacunars & suggest improvements. Later, the entire process is finalized after discussion with client & we start with the implementation & post implementation services.

Thus the process of each department is understood, loopholes identified & necessary amendments done.


Management & Compliance Services

We provide various post incorporation management/administrative services which ensure that entity is compliant with local laws, thereby avoiding penalties & making sure that entity is legally in good standing.

It covers following areas:

  • Updating accounts
  • Maintenance & amendments in various statutory records
  • Filing of returns
  • On time license renewals to avoid penalties


Project report & Feasibility studies

Project report & Feasibility study is one of the major services provided by Talreja & Talreja LLC.

For General Project report, that is required for earning credit facilities from banks, we make reports which are appreciated & accepted by the clients as well as bankers.

For Detailed Feasibility report, we understand the business idea, determine the legal feasibility, advise clients on the technical viability and suggest changes which make the idea economically viable.

In brief, Detailed Feasibility report covers the following:

  • Introduction
  • Business model/Project details
  • Background of Promoters
  • Market Survey
  • Technical aspects
  • Financial aspects
  • Projected Financial Statements


Assistance in Trade mark & Patent Registration

Based on clients request, our team of professionals helps in searching availability of trade name & trade mark. We also help them with Patent registration & entire process.

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